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At Going Global, we believe we are better together. When we unite our strengths, the impact can be felt around the world. Everyone has a contribution they can make.

We, at Going Global, have six primary areas where we are aiming to help:


Currently, there are 2.1 billion people who lack access to safe drinking water. We at Going Global are doing our part to change lives and communities around the world through the life-giving resource of fresh water.

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Not having access to proper medical and dental care is the number one cause of death in the world. Many of these deaths could have been avoided with proper health care education and consistent access to treatment. Going Global is sending teams of volunteers around the world to educate and provide valuable health care. We are also building dental and medical facilities in areas where these essential life resources are extremely limited and, in some cases, not available.

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By creating self-sustaining programs, Going Global helps individuals around the world find purpose and opportunities that are lacking. Going Global is committed to assisting impoverished communities by establishing programs that become manageable to those within their community. Going Global farming and poultry projects have provided employment, food, clothing, and educational opportunities for widows, orphans, and more. 

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A very important aspect of what we do at Going Global is exposing people to the hope and joy that is found through faith in Jesus Christ. Each year, we send dozens of team members locally and internationally to help us make a larger impact. 

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We firmly believe in the transformative power of the local church. Through our church planting efforts worldwide, we aim to address both physical and spiritual needs, recognizing that a thriving community begins with a strong spiritual foundation.

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At Going Global, we are dedicated to making a positive impact right in our own community through initiatives like Wilma’s Hope for senior accessibility, Barbara’s Way for affordable housing, and Kiana’s House for foster care support. By focusing on these local projects, we strive to create meaningful change and improve the lives of those in our neighborhood.

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We are actively seeking to provide medical & dental care to those without access, fresh water to those who are thirsty, self-sustaining farming projects that give a hand up instead of just a helping hand, and as always, helping to share the love of Jesus around the world.

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